Photonic and Electronic Devices

Photonic and Electronic Devices

Photonic and Electronic Devices

Photonics and electronics research at UC Davis includes a wide spectrum of topics, including nanoscale electronics and photonics, energy conversion devices, quantum information devices, biosensing and biophotonic technologies, photonic circuits and systems and optical metamaterials, among others. This wide range of research topics has a broad array of applications in quantum science, imaging and bio-, ag- and health science, as well as telecommunications, high performance computing, renewable energy and beyond. The research projects undertaken by the photonics and electronics faculty at UC Davis are multidisciplinary and strongly collaborative. These projects, combined with our state of the art micro- and nano- fabrication and characterization facilities, allow students and researchers to engage in cutting-edge research activities in an active and exciting research environment.  For more detailed descriptions of the ECE at UC Davis’ strengths in this diverse area, please see the research focus descriptions below that link to specific faculty in each sub-area.


Photonic and Electronic Devices Faculty


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André Knoesen

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  • Distinguished Professor and Chair

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